How to use this site
Applying for jobs is easy! Apply for your dream position and you will get access to some of the best jobs available in the industry.

The process is clearly defined within the site and the step by step style of the application makes it easy to use and even easier to understand. Once you get to the interview stage we can work via skype or you can come into the office and meet your consultant.

Once you consultant has been assigned, you will be able to contact them via email or telephone for assistance or to answer any questions you may have.

We are here to help you every step of the way. After the application has been successful, we will assist with Visas, Medicals and Criminal Background Checks. We make it easy so you can get that job you always wanted.

We post updates on our facebook and twitter sites too. That way you can be kept up to date with where we are travelling, where we are interviewing, and which cruise line is looking for which position to be filled.



Do you want to work on a cruise ship?


Cruise Staff is Australia's premier agency if you are seeking a Cruise Ship Job. As the officially appointed hiring agency in Australia and several other countries for some of the world's largest Cruise Lines, we have access to some great cruise line jobs.

In addition to this it is Company Policy that we only recruit and place candidates to companies that comply with the seafarer terms and conditions as outlined in the MLC 2006 convention. That means you get the best companies in the industry to work for. these include:

  • Princess Cruise Lines
  • P&O Australia
  • Disney Cruise lines
  • Starboard Cruise Services
  • Steiner
  • We also work with Agencies who assist other Cruise Line companies.

Our goal is simple. We want to make applying for a position on a cruise line as simple as possible which is why we created this online portal. Now you can apply when and where you choose and we will monitor your application all the way to the point where we actually interview you.

Once you have been hired we will assist you with further information regarding visas you may require, medicals and criminal background checks.

As you work through your application, information will be made available to you regarding important points like:

  • Who pays for the airfares?
  • How long is my contract?
  • What is the salary for my position?

Please be aware that there are several companies, agents and individuals currently operating scams. If anyone asks you for an application fee, visa fee or money for anything related to an application for a position within the cruise industry they are almost certainly operating a scam. If you have been asked for money please email or call your consultant and they will be abel to verify the agent for you.

Zest will never ask you for a fee - EVER!

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