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 :: Star Cruises

Star Cruises, a member of Genting Hong Kong, is the third largest cruise line in the world behind companies such as Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

Star Cruises dominates the Asia-Pacific market and is owned by Genting Hong Kong who also owns 50% of the Norwegian Cruise Line, and NCL America with a total combined fleet of 19 ships and over 39,000 berths. The company is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Singapore Exchange.

Star Cruises is credited with almost single handedly developing the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Its foray into the global shipping market has allowed it to tap into lucrative and more mature markets in North America and Europe. Its services cater to Asian passengers as well as to North Americans, Europeans and Australians interested in Asian destinations.

The chairman of Star Cruises is Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, the son of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of Malaysia's Genting Highlands.

Star Cruises was founded as an associate of the Genting Group of Malaysia, incorporated in Bermuda on 10 November 1993 with its corporate headquarters in Hong Kong. The company's first ships were two cruise ferries acquired from the bankrupted estate of Swedish Rederi AB Slite. In the following years, the company purchased several other used ships. In 1998, Star Cruises took delivery of its first new build, SuperStar Leo, followed by sister ship SuperStar Virgo in 1999. Star Cruises also acquired Sun Cruises the same year.

In 2000, Star Cruises fully acquired Norwegian Cruise Line, including its subsidiaries Orient Lines and Norwegian Capricorn Line, becoming the first global cruise line in the world. Norwegian Capricon Line operations were soon merged into those of Star Cruises'. Before the purchase of NCL, Star Cruises had several other new builds either planned or already under construction, but with the merger of the two companies, most of the constructed builds joined the NCL fleet instead of Star Cruise's.

In 2001, Star Cruises founded a new sister company, Cruise Ferries, which began operating its sole ship, Wasa Queen, on short cruises from Hong Kong to Xiamen followed by overnight gambling cruises from Hong Kong and gambling cruises from Port Klang in Kuala Lumpur. Wasa Queen ceased to function and was sold to another company in 2007.

In 2004, SuperStar Leo, Star Cruises' then-largest ship, was transferred to NCL to take over Norwegian Sky cruises as she had to be rushed into service under NCL America brand due to the Pride of America not being ready on time due to sinking at Lloyd Werft shipyard. Since 2006, the trend has been that new ships were to be built for NCL, and the old ships in the NCL fleet would be transferred to the Star Cruises fleet in Asia.

In early 2008, both NCL America and Orient Lines brands were discontinued, with the latter's sole ship, MS Marco Polo, sold to Greek interests. Also in that year, the first ship from NCL was transferred to the Star Cruises fleet as SuperStar Libra.

Starting from 2011, Star Cruises ships will receive a new hull art. SuperStar Virgo, SuperStar Aquarius and Star Pisces have received their new hull art.

It was announced April 27, 2012 that the Norwegian Dream  will join the Star fleet, she will be named as "SuperStar Gemini" and will start service in 2012.
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Star Cruises Vessels:

Vessel Name:Star Pisces
Date Completed:4/1/1990
Where Built:Finland
Gross Tonnage:40053
Length:176.60 meters
Vessel Name:SuperStar Aquarius
Date Completed:5/1/1993
Where Built:France
Gross Tonnage:51309
Length:229.84 meters
Vessel Name:SuperStar Gemini
Date Completed:2/1/1992
Where Built:France
Gross Tonnage:39172
Length:190.04 meters
Vessel Name:SuperStar Libra
Date Completed:5/1/1988
Where Built:Finland
Gross Tonnage:42275
Length:216.00 meters
Vessel Name:SuperStar Virgo
Date Completed:8/1/1999
Where Built:Germany
Gross Tonnage:75338
Length:268.60 meters